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Akwa Ibom State At 30

Thank you for supporting #OrangeSeptember. We are celebrating Akwa Ibom @ 30 with #OrangeSeptember and this is a tool to promote UNITY, LOVE, SELF-ESTEEM and the IDEALS of Akwa Ibom State. Generate and share your image responsibly. This is not a tool for DIVISIVENESS, HATRED or MISCHIEF. Invite others to join. Fill the form and upload nice portrait image and download your own COLOR ME ORANGE Name

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The Next Economy empowers youths to unleash their talents, build confidence and hone the skills they need for a successful career in a job or as an entrepreneur. The crowdfunding program is part of the entrepreneurial component that enables startups who joined the program raise seed capital through the collective efforts of friends, family (potential) customers and individuals. To support a Campaign Visit Here
Next Economy.

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Nutri-Dense Global Ltd

This campaign is targeted at creating awareness about our product and also for raising funding for the NAFDAC registration.

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